Save the bearing, start with the housing. Standard Miether will minimize and make the most of your bearing investment. We are the leading manufacturer of specialty bearing housings, seals and accessories designed to maximize your bearing life.

Our promise to you is to minimize your downtime with maintenance-friendly features and to increase your bearings life with rugged, sturdy construction.


Standard Miether’s thin selection of Locknuts provides positive locking in applications with limited space. Mainly used to locate bearings onto the shaft allowing for a more secure connection, our Locknuts come in a comprehensive size range and are simple to install and remove.

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Adapter Sleeves

Standard Miether’s most popular series adapter assemblies, the Adapter Sleeve is most commonly used for locating and assembling a tapered bore ball or roller bearings onto a cylindrical shaft. This common technique and design allow simple installation and removal.

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This popular style of Lockplate is used with inch-based locknuts with a fast and simple locking mechanism, you can engage the keyway of a shaft or sleeve to interlock with the slot of a nut. Fastening components include safety wire, and cap screws come in a comprehensive range of sizes.

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Withdraw Assemblies

This series of (metric {SK & ASK} or inch {AH}) withdraw sleeves accommodates Standard Miether bearings.  The withdraw sleeve positions the bearing to locate tapered bores onto stepped cylindrical shafts. These products are sold individually. The respective nuts must be purchased separately to fasten and remove the sleeve from assembly.

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Standard Miether’s Lockwashers engage the keyway onto a shaft or adapter sleeve slot, locking the accompanying locknut in position by bending the washer tab onto the nut’s outside diameter slot.  These high precision locking components are recommended for high-speed applications that require installation accuracy.

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Pillow Blocks

Looking for protection against impact loads and minimizing radial loading problems experienced with conventional split housings?  Standard Miether’s base-mounted Pillow Blocks are for you! Our base-mounted solid steel pillow blocks provide maximum protection against impact loads and minimize radial loading problems experienced with conventional split housings. The MMW solid pillow blocks consist of a single piece, solid steel body equipped with cast iron end caps and a reinforced center rib, making it capable of withstanding severe shock loads. 

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Seals / Caps

Standard Miether provides a variety of seals to accommodate the split pillow block SAF series, solid pillow block MMW series, and flange cartridge block FCL/FCS series housings. They are available in fractional and metric dimensions and can be customized for special applications.

Our bearing seals range from a simple seal ring (LER) design to both advanced-contacting and non-contacting type sealing arrangements.

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