For over 75 years, Standard Miether has been helping customers in a variety of industries by saving them time, enhancing safety, improving performance, and making the most out of their bearing investment.

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Energy Market Solutions

Standard Miether has been serving the Power Generation Industry for over 50 years with durable, reliable, high quality products that extend bearing life. We are committed to understanding your industry processes and will utilize our in-house technical expertise to develop solutions that meet your most demanding requirements.

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Heavy Mobile Structure Solutions

Thanks to reliable performance and durable construction, Standard Miether is choice among engineers, facility managers, and business owners nationwide. Our bearing housings and accessories are proven to perform reliably over extended periods of time, even in the most extreme environmental conditions.

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Mining Solutions

Our custom housing designs, sealing configurations, and assemblies provide fundamental solutions to improve mining productivity, reduce maintenance down time, maintain the highest degree of safety, lower costs, and protect the environment.

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Pulp & Paper

Pulp and Paper manufacturing processes require pillow block bearing housings, seals, and accessories that must withstand the most difficult conditions. Equipment used to produce pulp, paper, and paperboard is exposed to a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, contaminants, and a variety of torque and loading situations.

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Recycling & Shredding

Shredding operations require bearing housings and bearing accessories tough enough to withstand the most punishing operating conditions. These systems are subject to severe dust and contamination, high shock load conditions, varying rotational speeds, elevated internal rotor working temperatures, and exposure to an assortment of external climate conditions.

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Steel Production

You’ll find Standard Miether bearing housings, seals, and accessories at work in a variety of steel manufacturing processes, including iron conversion, steel conversion, casting, primary rolling, and finish rolling. Miether’s custom bearing housing designs, sealing configurations, and assemblies are an asset to the metal production industry.

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